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My Story

I have always been a sniffer!  As weird as that may seem, I sniff everything - new shoes, handbags, vivids, cleaning products.... the list goes on.  It has always been a bit of a standing joke in my family - where most people reach out to touch something when they are shopping - I sniff it!  When I was pregnant with my boys my only craving was fumes - aniseed, petrol, vivids, shoe polish etc.  I still like to pump my own gas just so I can get the whiff of it in the air!   When my eldest son left home to live in Canada for a year I joined a couple of Facebook groups for the town that he was living in - just to stalk him .... oops I mean, to get a feel for where he was living!  One of those was a Buy/Sell page, and I noticed people asking for a Scentsy Consultant, or wanting to swap this wax for that.  I did some research and discovered Scentsy was a home fragrance company - that means smells to sniff!  Sadly Scentsy hadn't hit New Zealand yet, so I didn't think too much more about it. Not two months after my discovery that there was a business out there somewhere that involved amazing smells, a Facebook post popped up announcing that Scentsy was to launch in New Zealand and Consultants were required!  I made contact with this amazing woman in Australia and said "Count me In"..... then an agonising month before I could get my hands on the testers and launch my business. Well the rest, as they say, is history.  I'm a complete Scentsy addict!  While we don't have anything that smells like petrol, there are so many amazing fragrances, and I live in a home that smells delicious 24/7.  Not only that I have met some incredible people, and my Scentsy Journey is taking me in directions I never thought possible.  Join me in my journey - either by becoming one of my special customers or a consultant in my team.   Thank you for taking the time to read my story - let me help you create your own. x